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Pigments and the Polarising Microscope

Date: 13 - 17 May 2013
Tutor(s): Peter MacTaggart
Location: Somerset, UK
Number of participants: 4
Price: 475.00

This course has been attended by a multitude of conservators and others over the past 25 years and remains as popular as ever.

The polarising microscope is an economic and efficient tool that can be used to identify most of the traditional pigments found on works of fine and applied art. Throughout this course each participant has the use of a dedicated polarising microscope to study the differences in the appearance and optical properties of more than 60 pigments.

Although helpful, no experience in microscopy is necessary as the relevant optical phenomena (including refractive index, double refraction and pleochroism) are explained. More than 100 slides of pigments and extenders are examined.

All persons interested in this course should get in touch with us as we have a waiting list.

Accommodation for Course: Participants can book their own accommodation at local bed and breakfasts.