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Chemistry for Conservators (by correspondence)

Date: 1 September - 31 December 2016
Tutor(s): Velson Horie
Number of participants: 35
Price: 775.00 (UK price; shipping extra outside UK)

Chemistry for Conservators has been run by IAP for 25 years, and the coursework is now in its ninth edition.

This four month correspondence course is offered three times a year. (Please inquire if interested in a different start date from the one shown). This course provides an introduction for people with little (for instance lower school chemistry studied years ago) or no chemistry.

The syllabus is aimed at major conservation issues, e.g. types of materials, the environment, cleaning and deterioration, and is divided into four blocks:
1. An "Introduction" to chemical explanations of the physical world uses materials of common experience, air and water
2. "First principles" carries this further and explains the new language of chemistry
3. "Chemistry in action" samples the chemistry of materials that are of use in conservation
4. "Chemistry and the conservator", applies the knowledge gained in the previous blocks to your work

The course can provide a good background for those wishing to enter training courses in conservation (indeed several conservation training establishments recommend this course to potential students with insufficient chemistry qualifications).

Submissions of answers for each unit can either be done via post or through a Virtual Learning Environment website using Moodle software.

The course is conducted in English by correspondence. Early enrolment is recommended.

Please note: This is not a course to be undertaken lightly. The value of this course lies in the commitment and energy required of participants to complete it. Students need to have excellent time management skills. The course must be completed within the four month period.

Student Feedback
2015: "As someone who last seriously studied Chemistry at school, I was amazed by how accessible I found the Chemistry for Conservators course... I have learnt so much over the last 4 months that I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone working in the field of conservation. The areas of conservation chemistry that I had previously been unsure about, now make complete sense...There is ample reading material, experiments to run, and weekly quizzes. I found this course really worthwhile, and a positive and enjoyable experience."

2013: 'A very good course and a great foundation for further learning in conservation. I was amazed at how much ground was covered in such a short time.'

2012: 'Very intense in four months but so informative. Really opened my eyes to how Chemistry is all around us.'

2011: 'I found it highly interesting and enlightening. I would highly recommend the course, and would encourage people to put aside an adequate amount of time for each unit.'

2010: 'I found this course excellent and a good eye opener for any objects conservator in particular.'

A previous review of the course: 'The course is entirely relevant to the work of a conservator, and although it is hard work, I would recommend it highly to anyone who wishes to strengthen their foundations in chemistry.'