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Identification of Prints

Date: 10 - 11 March 2016
Tutor(s): Hildegard Homburger
Location: Tate Britain, London
Number of participants: 10
Price: 325.00

This two day course, to be held at Tate Britain, examines artistic print-making techniques and their methods of reproduction. The different techniques will be explained and discussed and original prints will be examined. Participants will learn how to identify the techniques used to make prints by recognising distinctive characteristics which can be seen both by the naked eye and under magnification.

Techniques examined include:

Relief: woodcut, wood engraving, lino cut, metal relief etc., modern relief: letterpress, half-tone, relief etching etc.

Intaglio: engraving, mezzotint, dry point, etching, soft-ground etching, lift-ground etching, aquatint, photogravure, rotation intaglio

Planographic: lithography, chromolithography,photolithography, collotype, etc. Screen print and stencil

Digital: laser, inkjet, etc.