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Introduction to the Corrosion of Metals and Alloys

Date: 16 - 17 April 2013
Tutor(s): Adam Wojcik
Location: London
Number of participants: 10
Price: £245.00

This course aims to provide participants with a solid theoretical basis in corrosion science, but in a way that recognizes that not everyone will have a deep background in chemistry. Corrosion as a chemical process is introduced very simply, but we build eventually to the notion of electrochemical corrosion of metals in “cells”, and the concept of electrode potentials and how they can help characterize a material’s corrosion behaviour.
An examination of the types of corrosion then follows such that participants will, for example, learn to recognize the difference between crevice and stress corrosion, or intergrannular and pitting corrosion, and the differences in susceptibility of different classes of metals and alloys. Wherever possible practical examples will be used in the course, with opportunities for optical examination and discussion of observations. A brief overview of corrosion control and mitigation methods will also be given.