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Identifying and Making Historical European Papers

Date: 22 - 25 April 2013
Tutor(s): Gangolf Ulbricht
Location: Berlin
Number of participants: 10
Price: 475.00

This course allows participants to not only to discuss historical papers and the methods of making them but also to prepare them themselves while also studying and identifying a very wide range of historical European papers. Participants make their own reference sheets using different fibres and different historical moulds.

Participants are encouraged to bring papers with them for discussion

This workshop teaches participants to understand paper through the history of paper manufacturing, by actually making papers themselves and by visual and microscopic examination of various papers of different provenances in order to establish: the date and method of manufacturing, place of origin, composition (fibre ID), watermark, wire profiles, etc. Low power and high power visual examination and microscopy will be employed.

The workshop covers papers made in the western tradition, including European (which includes English) or American, by any method, from medieval times to the present day.

A wide range of papers of all ages and types will be available for inspection and comparison in the workshop. However each participant is asked to bring various papers to the workshop for examination, e.g. drawings, books, banknotes, prints, letters, music manuscripts, wrapping papers etc. The papers which participants bring with them will be grouped into handmade, machine made, mould made etc. and examined in groups.

The workshop is aimed at conservators, archivists, curators, art historians and anyone who works with paper artefacts, documents, works of art on paper etc. and who needs to have some knowledge of the make-up and origin of individual sheets of paper for the purposes of conservation, attribution or dating.

The objectives of this course are to introduce the participants to the range of analytical techniques and methods that can be used to determine the date, origin and composition of individual sheets of paper.