IAP News

Identification of Pigments course 2015

1st Oct 2014

We are aiming to offer a new Identification of Pigments course in summer 2015. Details will be posted on this website in October 2014

Chemistry for Conservators, January - April 2015

1st Oct 2014

Enrolment is open for the January to April 2015 correspondence course (which can be taken online or by post). Early enrolment is advised.

One day course on Digital Photography 29th October 2014

8th Aug 2014

We are running a one day course on Digital Photography (on a limited budget) at Bletchley Park on 29th October

One day course on Laser cleaning in conservation 10th November 2014

8th Aug 2014

The one day course on Laser Cleaning in conservation will be offered again on 10th November 2014.